All of the Islamic lineages Qadiriya, Chishtiya, Owaisiya, Rehmaniya, Farooqui, Siddiqui, Hussaini and others that exist in the Islamic world today are all there to clarify commandments to Muslims. These commandments are entitled to the Holy Quran and from the Ahadees of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Founders of all the lineages have been “Wali Allah” (Friend of Allah) during their respective lifetimes, they all were awarded with some prestigious ranks. These Wali Allah are then selected for some exceptional tasks and their lives embody a fountain of guidance and training for others with the will of Allah. Founder of every lineage is granted special permission by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to in initiate their genealogies.

The Warsi lineage commenced in 1906 AD. All of the lineage are based on their foundations of love and respect meaning a beautiful relationship between a Murshid (a spiritual teacher/guide) and a Mureed (one who is committed to a spiritual path).

Since the beginning of the Warsi lineage, caliphate wasn’t bestowed to anyone because there wasn’t any permission for that however after a long time with the permission of Holy Prophet (PBUH) caliphate was bestowed in the Warsi lineage on 9th of Zil Hajj 1437 hijri.